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The First Shipment of Exhibits for the 4th CIIE Departed from Hamburg Germany carried by COSCO SHIPPING

Date:2021-09-18 Read times: font size:[ L M S ]

On September 16 local time, the first shipment of exhibits transported by COSCO SHIPPING for the 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) were loaded onto M.V. COSCO SHIPPING Libra at the Port of Hamburg, Germany. The exhibits include light helicopters and a supporting training platform developed by RS Helikopter GmbH and are expected to arrive at Shanghai Port on October 15.

As the exclusive official carrier for overseas maritime transport as well as home transportation service and special booth construction service provider of the 4th CIIE, COSCO SHIPPING has been offering total logistics services “from the place of departure directly to the exhibition venue”, including exhibit transportation and booth construction, for four consecutive years.

RS Helikopter GmbH, headquartered in Munich, Germany, manufactures a type of light helicopter with a coaxial rotor system. Its exhibits include a VA115 single-seat helicopter, a VA250 two-seat helicopter and a special training platform. The great expectation for the Chinese market and the extraordinary platform effect of CIIE has prompted the company to participate in the expo for the first time this year.

After receiving the transportation mission from the customer, COSCO SHIPPING Germany started the CIIE service response process and formulated a transportation route plan and a ship pre-schedule, while taking into consideration various factors. Given the recent congestions at European ports that caused ship delays, COSCO SHIPPING’s service team contacted the customer in time to adjust the loading time to ensure that the cargo would arrive in Shanghai before the deadline required by CIIE.

When the exhibits were loaded on board, COSCO SHIPPING Germany held a neat shipping ceremony at the Port of Hamburg. The exhibitor expressed its gratitude to COSCO SHIPPING Germany for the full logistics and transportation services, and believed that the expo would bring more business opportunities to the company and help it achieve greater success.

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