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COSCO SHIPPING Rated as “Outstanding Corporate Bond Issuer of 2018” by Shanghai Stock Exchange

Date:2019-01-29 Read times: font size:[ L M S ]

The Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) recently released the evaluation results of “Outstanding Corporate Bond Issuers of 2018”, and COSCO SHIPPING was one of the winners.

The awarding activities of “Outstanding Corporate Bond Issuers”, an important annual award receiving high attention in China’s bond market, have been carried out for several years in a row. Receiving this honor not only implies SSE’s recognition of COSCO SHIPPING’s bond issuance, underwriting, trading, innovation, performance of duties within the term of validity and information disclosure in 2018, but also reflects the Corporation’s high activity level, influence and competitiveness among market players. Mr. Chen Dong, Head of the Finance and Accounting Division of COSCO SHIPPING, won the “Outstanding Individual Award”.

After the reshuffle in 2018, COSCO SHIPPING made debut at the corporate bond market, issuing corporate bonds worth 1.1 billion yuan in three phases, with the optimal coupon rate and scale in the market during the corresponding period. It showed that the qualifications and market position of COSCO SHIPPING were highly regarded by investors. Especially the 5-billion-yuan 10-year bonds issued in the third phase demonstrated investors’ confidence in the Corporation’s steady development in the long run. In 2019, COSCO SHIPPING will continue to issue bonds in the capital market and explore diversified financing channels to provide stronger and more reliable financial support for the expansion of shipping business, deepening of reforms and high-quality development.

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